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The guide “Volunteers against Covid-19: how to create a movement” was developed within the framework of the project “Initiative together against Covid-19” implemented by NGOs in Latvia and Moldova. The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. The authors of the guide are the volunteer movement # light help (Latvia) and Initiațiva Impreuna Impotriva COVID-19 (Moldova).

This guide has been developed by practitioners who have devoted a lot of time to developing volunteer movements to reduce the impact of Covid-19. The authors have tried to make it transparent so that the guide is easy to use and highlights the essential knowledge. The guide only involves many local and international experts, and you will find inspiration and motivation, as well as concrete, practical advice and tips, as well as examples to encourage reflection and discussion. When creating your volunteer network, we invite you to contact the organizations involved in the project in addition to discuss the possibility of providing advice or training.

Who supports us?

#vieglipalīdzēt movement is widely supported by public bodies, companies and individual partners. The project was completed in mid-March 2020 and was one of the winners of the HackForce hackathon, a state-sponsored event aimed at quickly finding innovative solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.


Find information about the #stayhome volunteer movement also on the official website by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on the COVID-19 infection in Latvia.

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