Our Mission

We offer practical assistance as purchasing and delivering basic necessities or performing other emergecy acitivities in order to facilitate the daily life of persons who are at higher risk or are self-isolating.

Your safety

Physical distancing is crucial for stopping the spread of the virus, so we are making sure that all our volunteers observe all the necessary safety precautions for safe assistance and communication with you.

Common benefit

If you are healthy and are going tot he store, why not help your neighbour as well? A team of volunteers across Latvia will be there to help fulfilling the usual tasks remotely. We will help - #stayathome !

What kind of assistance can I get?

We offer assistance of volunteers to anyone who is in the risk group or quarantine in order to purchase basic necessities and groceries or to provide other kinds of essential support in order for you to be able to stay at home.

You can call us any time

Thanks to the call center „Sonido” and the relentless work of the volunteers, you can contact us at any time!

The information on the outbreak of the infection COVID-19 in Latvia by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.