Dog walking guidelines

Using disposable gloves when in contact with a dog is mandatory. If possible, use a face mask and maintain a distance of 2 meters.

Dog’s character and habits

If you have applied to help someone with walking their dog, it is recommended to find out a few things for the safety of both you and the dog and for a successful walk.

When responding to a request, ask the following: 

  • What is the dog’s name?

  • What is the dog’s age?

  • What is the necessary length of the walk? What is the dog’s regular routine?

  • Are there any restrictions for the dog during the walk?

  • Does the dog tend to be aggressive towards strangers – people, dogs, or other animals?

Safe pick-up and drop-off of the dog:

  • When the volunteer has reached the indicated address, they call the owner of the dog or the indicated contact person;

  • The owner ties the dog outside of the apartment, for example, by the stair railings;

  • If the house/stairwell has a manual light switch, the volunteer asks to keep it on to avoid looking for it;

  • The volunteer calmly gets acquainted with the dog and checks whether the dog will let a stranger help and walk him. The volunteer can bring a treat for the dog;

  • During the walk, the interaction with the dog should be at a maximum distance, reserved and as short as possible;

  • When bringing the dog home, the volunteer ties the dog the same way and in the same place as the owner did earlier;

  • The volunteer then calls the owner and informs them that the pet is ready to be picked up, as well as reminds them to disinfect the door handle.