"Kopā pret Covid-19"

''Together against COVID-19'' with our friends from Moldova

Together with colleagues from the Moldovan volunteer movement, we implemented the international project “Joint Initiative against Covid-19”, which aimed to help alleviate the challenges we face due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the economic crisis. During the implementation of the project, democratic participation was promoted by empowering people and groups of people through voluntary movements. Implementers focused on high-risk groups such as seniors, people with mobility impairments, chronic illnesses, self-isolated people, and single-parent families. The highest priority group of the project was people whose income has decreased or run out due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 – we were also looking for various ways to raise donations to help these people. The initiative involved volunteers involved in solving local social problems, as well as non-governmental organizations, local authorities, the private sector and experts. During the project, workshops were implemented, focusing on the exchange of experiences, for example, working with specific groups of the population, but special attention was paid to the formation of the volunteer movement and long-term motivation of volunteers. In collaboration with the two volunteer movements, a practical guide “Volunteers vs. Covid-19: How to create a movement” was developed and is freely available on our website.