Safe Placement of Information Materials


  • Wash your hands thoroughly before loading and removing paper from the printer. Immediately place printed materials in a plastic sleeve.

  • Do not store previously printed materials, only print as many as needed.

Distributing materials to postboxes

When distributing information, it is important to do this safely to avoid spreading the virus and endangering people as much as possible. Anyone distributing materials should follow the guidelines below. If you are sick, please stay home!

  • Do not distribute materials if you are even a little bit sick, even if you have minor symptoms.

  • Information materials are stored in small numbers in plastic sleeves

  • Follow the recommendations on social distancing – keep away from others by at least 2 meters and do not divide materials into groups and share with other people.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and, if possible, use a hand sanitizer before going on to distribute the information materials.

  • Wear gloves if possible.

  • One package of printed materials is shared by one person – to reduce the number of people in contact and thus the risk 

  • Wash your hands after sharing the materials – protect your health!


With permission, information materials can also be put up in shops, cafes, and on the notice boards of stairwells in apartment buildings.