Voluntary movement #vieglipalīdzēt launches a campaign in support of Belarus

The voluntary movement #vieglipalīdzēt (previously known as – #paliecmājās) has launched a campaign in support of the population of Belarus #FreeBelarus. The campaign’s goal is to provide social assistance to people in our neighbouring country who since the Belarussian presidential elections on 9 August have experienced violent suppression, information restriction and imprisonment. 

You can donate in four ways:

  •  money transfer to association “Biedrība Paliec mājās”, Reg. No. 40008296878 to the following account: LV86HABA0551048139181, specifying the payment objective as “Donation – Belarus” . Organization has social benefit status that allows you to receive tax benefits when donating. More here:  https://www.vid.gov.lv/lv/nodoklu-atvieglojumi
  • through app Mobilly, opening “Other” and choosing #vieglipalīdzēt – any amount you choose (beneficiary will receive – 2% of intermediary fee from the total amount),
  • Charity phone number 90067070, one call 1.42 EUR (beneficiary will receive  – 10% of intermediary fee from the total amount),
  • making direct donations via Facebook to the fund established by Aleksey Leonchik, which can be accessed via the following link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1123543824684874/?fundraiser_source=external_url. (beneficiary will receive – 1.5% – 0.27 EUR). PayPal option also on the page.

Through contact with our partners in Belarus, we found that the greatest need at the moment is for money to pay for qualified legal assistance for those arrested during the protests – as of now almost 3,000 people have been arrested and 200 injured. As events develop other forms of assistance may also be required about which information will be provided by the campaign’s organisers on the homepage: www.vieglipalidzet.lv and the Facebook page Paliec mājās = Viegli palīdzēt.

Donations will be forwarded to several trustworthy organisations activists with the goal of supporting Belarus, and with vast experience of work related to human rights and legal matters. Campaign and support will be also coordinated with Lithuanian NGOs.

The #FreeBelarus campaign is being implemented by the non-governmental organisation “Paliec mājās”, which during the emergency situation caused by Covid-19 mobilised almost 1,000 volunteers in the movement #paliecmājās enabling contact between people, who required help because of social distancing, e.g. deliveries of food or medicine, and volunteers, who were ready to provide this help. When the emergency situation ended, the movement #paliecmājās is continuing to work as #vieglipalīdzēt, offering ongoing help in daily situations and emotional support, jointly reading fragments of literary works prepared by the National Library of Latvia and preparing a platform for rapid responses to new unforeseen circumstances. Right now, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a project sharing the experience of the emergency experience is also being implemented in Moldova.