What help can you get?

We do not provide medical assistance.

#Stayhome safely with us!

Our volunteers can help you buy groceries | personal care products | over the counter medicine that does not require a prescription | take your dog for a walk | receive or send a consignment or simply call you and will have a conversation.

How is the help provided?

Before providing the help a volunteer will contact you within 24h after receiving the request. Don’t forget to inform them what items exactly you want to obtain and what is the preferred sum of the purchase.

Keep in mind that the volunteer can bring the items to you, but you will have to pay for them; it is not a gift.

How to communicate with volunteer?

Once the volunteer has arrived, before opening the door always ask for name and surname to be stated. Ask them to call your phone, the number of which can only be obtained by a volunteer verified by our system. 

If possible, develop longterm cooperation with the volunteer so that you don’t have to submit a new request for help each time.

Ensure contactless handover as much as possible. If it’s impossible to avoid personal contact, keep a distance of at least 2 metres from the help provider. 

Cash is to be exchanged without touching, for example, by leaving it by the door, putting it in a bag or by using gloves. 

Wash your hands with soap and water regularly. Washing hands is mandatory immediately after receiving the help. Clean the items received too.


If you have any suspicions that the volunteer platform is being abused, contact the call centre without delay: 25661991

Find information about the #stayhome volunteer movement also on the official website by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on the COVID-19 infection in Latvia.